Battelle for Kids believes that every individual must demand and relentlessly pursue a just and caring society, where dignity, respect, and love prevail for all humankind. We call upon ourselves and all education leaders to seize this moment in time, to declare our resolve to eradicate persistent inequities within our education systems and society at large, and to act now!

Battelle for Kids believes education is the critical foundation for cultivating, promoting, and accelerating Lets do better-01equity and inclusivity for society. We have a responsibility to advance deeper, 21st century learning for every student, everywhere, resulting in high quality, equitable experiences and outcomes. Therefore, Battelle for Kids intentionally prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our work with school systems and partners. Our commitment includes:

  • Inspiring more leaders to envision and advance the creation of 21st century education systems, while also increasing the diversity of school systems engaged in this work.
  • Creating conditions and supports that empower every student to thrive with agency, voice, and choice; to create a better tomorrow for themselves and others.
  • Supporting school systems as they elevate diverse perspectives of the broader community to build a shared vision of 21st century learning outcomes for all students.
  • Surfacing and eradicating practices, structures, and policies that cause inequities to take root and persist.
  • Pursuing and providing evidence of successful, equitable 21st century learning.
  • Equipping ourselves, educators, and school systems to achieve equitable 21st century outcomes for all.